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With several years of experience on our shoulders, we at bobcat hire in Geelong know what you might need when you are getting you to need excavation or landscape-related services. We provide great services in Geelong with several decades of experience helping us provide you what you might require. We have constantly provided skilled services at the best prices. With our timely approach and skilled workmanship, we have become one of the most reputable contractors in the area.

Customer satisfaction at the finest

Are you looking for land preparation and levelling contractors who deliver the best services at the lowest cost? Well, look no further. We provide a seamless experience with our tried and tested methodology, ensuring customer satisfaction at its peak.

One-stop destination for all your needs

You will get all the services that you require for your place with us. Be it levelling or site clearing, you will get everything with us at the best prices possible. So, no need to go anywhere else, as we will provide you with everything you want for your home.

Experience you require

Our staff are trained and skilled individuals who had first-hand experience while performing a series of tasks during different places and different scenarios. So, no matter how hard or complicated the work is, we are sure to pull that off.

Bobcat Hire Geelong - Kubota svl 75-2

Our Services

Concrete, Soil & Rock Removal
Removing dirt, soil and concrete is not an easy job and it takes a lot of effort, making it impossible for a normal person to complete it on their own. This is where we come in, with our heavy machinery and skilled labour, we provide you with the best Concrete & Soil Removal services. We can remove the unwanted debris from any place, without harming the place or environment.
Site Clearing And Levelling
If you want us to remove any unwanted material from your place, then we are just a call away. Let us handle the work and we would clear the site with our machinery be it any vegetation, surface soil or debris. With our Site Clearing And Levelling services, the land gets levelled and any surface soil or vegetation making it uneven is removed.
Landscape preparation Services
We provide the best professional landscape service to help you meet the landscape maintenance needs. We help you with every service in the market, be it general bed maintaining services to seasonal services which you are sure going to love. Newly laid turf needs some land preparation and we are here to solve it for you.
Garden & Green Waste Removal
Too much green-waste in your garden? Worry not we are here to remove every organic waste present in your yard with our skilled and experienced services. Our Garden & Green Waste Removal services offer professional contractors and high-end machines with comparative prices and free quotes. For more information on Rubbish Removal Geelong call us anytime.
Post & Stump Hole Digging Services
Post and stump hole digging is an unavoidable task, which can be quite taxing if done by you. You should hire our professional operators which come with a professional hole digging machine, which makes the process of post and stump hole digging affordable, easy, and fast. The package includes the operator, drill, and machines, with no extra hidden costs.
Tipper and bobcat hire with driver
Are you searching for “bobcat hire near me”? We are here to help you as waste is easy to collect but the problem comes when it comes to transporting it from one place to another. Well, if it is in small quantities, it can be transported via bags but for large quantities of waste you need something big. Bobcat hire Geelong with a driver provides you the perfect solution for shifting the waste easily.


What kind of materials do you haul?

The services that we provide covers concrete, dirt, rocks, stones, bricks and asphalt or any other hard-to-remove substance. The pricing will depend on the area of the site.

Does this hard scraping damage your property ?

No, our experienced operators handle the job very smoothly following all the guidelines. The scraping is done very carefully keeping in mind the different factors leading to damage.

Are there any hidden costs for the services we provide?

No, the costs and taxes that are applicable are straight away communicated to the client beforehand so that there is no confusion in the future. And we try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to finances.

Do you provide trucks for levelling services?

Yes, we provide trucks along with experienced operators for the purpose of levelling and loading the leftovers.

What services does landscaping cover?

Our landscaping services include mowing, fertilizing the land, solving the irrigation issues, edging, lawn renovations etc.

Do you provide operators with the tipper and bobcat trucks?

Yes, we do provide experienced operators for both tipper and bobcat trucks. Our operators take hold of the situation and get the work done efficiently on time.